Religious Observance: Assessments and Examinations

There may be times during examination periods or while undertaking your assessments when the observance of your faith prevents you from taking exams or assessments at specific dates or times.

In these circumstances, you can apply for alternative arrangements to be made and City will, wherever practicable, make alternative arrangements for you to sit the examination, in line with City’s Religious Observance Assessments and Examinations Policy.

The application should be made at least three weeks before the affected exam period or assessment – you can find further information on the process below

This information relates to assessments and examination only.

Where religious observance prevents you from attending teaching or other course activities you should speak to your Course Officer as soon as you become aware of the conflict.

Assessments and Exams during Covid-19

The University recognises that the changes to teaching and assessment caused by Covid-19 may have an impact on students’ religious observances.

In general, the move to teaching online, alternative forms of assessment and remote exams should enable more flexibility in your schedules, to balance your religious observance with your studies.

For assessments in the form of an exam, where a 24-hour period has been put in place allows all students to engage with the assessment, whatever your circumstances.

If your exams are taking place over a shorter set duration and your circumstances make this difficult to attend, (such as the time zone you are in), please speak to your Course Office.

If the scheduling of a shorter exam or assessment impacts your religious observance, please follow the application procedure below.

Application Procedure

If you need to make a request for alternative assessment arrangements on the grounds of religious observance, you should do so as soon as you become aware that your exam(s) will be affected by your religious observance needs.

This should be at least three weeks before the start of the affected exam period or assessment.

You should:

  • Provide some form of evidence. This is usually in the form of a supporting letter from the faith leader of the community you practice with. Please note that the University Chaplaincy Team can only provide this letter if you are known to them and practice with them. If you are not able to provide evidence, you should indicate this on your form and provide a reasonable explanation of why you are not able to do so. We may be in touch to discuss it with you further.
  • Use the following link to complete the online Religious Observance Arrangements Form(Please note: If you have any questions or require this form in an alternative format, please contact us)
  • Submit the form and accompanying evidence (where possible) to the University for review using the online form link above, at least three weeks before the start of the examination period or assessment for which you require religious observance arrangements.

You will need to apply for each examination period or assessment which will be affected.

The Exams Office or your School will make every attempt to accommodate your requirements wherever possible.

You will be contacted directly to be advised of the arrangements.


To support students who will be fasting here is some useful information on eating and staying well during Ramadan: