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End of Police Registration Scheme

The Government has decided to abolish the Police Registration Scheme. The scheme, which requires some migrants to register with the police, is suspended with immediate effect.

The Home Office is abolishing the requirement to register with the police as the police registration scheme in its current form is outdated and no longer provides any public protection benefit to either the Home Office or the police. The data a migrant provides to the police on registration is already captured by the Home Office at the visa application stage, and is available to the police on request via Immigration Enforcement, so there is no need for it to be provided twice.

For further information please see our Police Registration webpage

UKVI Priority and Super Priority Student visa services resume

UKVI advised us that it resumed Priority Visa (PV) and Super Priority Visa (SPV) services for new Student route visa applications on Friday 12 August 2022.

UKVI has provided a series of questions and answers (Q&A), addressed to Student route applicants:

  1. How long will my Student visa take?
  2. Student visa applications are currently taking on average 3 weeks to process. UKVI is currently experiencing very high global demand and summer is peak period for student visa applications so there may be delays receiving a decision.

    The latest global decision waiting times can be found on the study in the UK webpage

    On 12 August UKVI resumed Priority Visa (PV) and Super Priority Visa (SPV) services for new student visa applications (in existing locations).

  3. I have already submitted my application at the VAC. Will I be able to get retrospective Priority or Super Priority visa for my student visa application?
  4. No. Retrospective Priority and Super Priority visa services are not available once you have submitted your fingerprints at the VAC.

  5. I booked my VAC appointment last week, and want to upgrade to the priority service - why can’t I do this?
  6. To help manage the significant global demand for visa applications UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) will only accept priority visa applications for new Study and Work visa applications made after 12 August. Priority services are only available via the online booking system. This will enable UKVI to continue to deliver standard applications and gradually reduce the overall processing time for all customers.

  7. What if I want to withdraw my standard application and apply using Priority or Super Priority now that it’s available?
  8. You can withdraw an existing or ongoing standard Work or Study visa application. To see if PV/SPV is offered in your location please check the commercial partner website for the location where you will submit your application.

  9. What can I do to help speed up my Student visa application?
  10. There are a few steps you can take to make your application journey smoother and help avoid delays:

    • Before you start your application check that you have all the documents you need. This will mean UKVI won’t need to contact you for further documentation.
    • Make sure you have your documents ready and try not to rush your application. Check the information you have provided is correct.
    • Make sure the funds (proof to show you have enough money to pay for your course and support yourself in the UK) are stored in your (or your parent’s/legal guardian’s) bank account for at least 28 consecutive days before you apply for your visa. We also advise you add a little extra money to the account to allow for currency fluctuations.
  11. There are no visa appointments to book, what should I do?
  12. Appointments are continually being released so if you are not able to get an appointment time to suit you, please keep checking back on the VFS Global and TLScontact websites.

    Some locations have more than one appointment centre so if you are not able to find a suitable appointment at your preferred location, you may wish to check availability at other locations near you.

    You should consider applying as early as you can so that you have plenty of time to attend your appointment and receive your visa before your course is due to start. Applications can be made up to 6 months before the course start date.