City students and staff are able to access Gartner Campus Access. Gartner is the leading provider of research and analysis on the global IT industry.

Access Gartner

You can access your Gartner via any web browser or via your mobile / handheld device by visiting

Using Gartner in your studies

Benefits for students

  • Identify each market's major players - they're your future employers
  • Monitor the challenges and opportunities in the industry
  • Stay current with data and language
  • Deepen your understanding of critical concepts
  • Apply theory through real-life, market based analysis

Benefits for researchers and educators

  • Plan your courses based on what will be topical in business and IT in the next few years
  • Use the data and information to substantiate your research papers
  • Use the research in your teaching

Campus Access Overview

Gartner Campus Access provides access to:

  • Unlimited access to Gartner's Core Research (approx. 100,000 documents) through the University portal
  • Approximately 75% of Gartner's Library (including the Special Features below)
  • Includes insight on technology trends, information technology careers, cool vendors, technology enabled business strategies and more...all from a global perspective
  • Research and development resource for Students and Staff
  • Classroom resource for projects
  • Tool for career services and employment placement
  • Trend analysis in support of future degree programs/curriculum
  • Gartner analyst guest lectures and career services support

Special features

Magic Quadrants

A series of research projects aimed at providing customers with a quantitative analysis into a particular market and its direction, maturity and participants.

Access Magic Quadrants and Critical Capabilities

Hype Cycles

Graphic representations of the maturity and adoption of technologies and applications which help discenr technology hype from what's actually viable.

Access Hype Cycles

Special Reports

Gartner Special Reports are time-sensitive research reports focused on key issues in technology.

Access Special Reports

Complimentary Research

Regularly updated selections of cutting-edge research from Gartner analysts.

Access Complimentary Research

Help using Gartner Campus Access

If you are have any issues accessing Gartner Campus Access please contact the IT Service Desk