Our printers allow you to send documents to print and pick up from any of our printers across campus, including our student PC labs and libraries.

How do I print?

Once you have your City account setup you will also have a Print Credit Account. You will need to top-up your account before you print.

Send your document to print

You can print out a document using three different ways:

  • Student computer: From any student computer select File > Print
  • Your own device: If you are connected to eduroam wifi select File > Print. If you are not connect to wifi visit select 'Web print' and follow the instruction.
  • Email: from your City email send an email with the document attached to [email protected]

Pick-up your printing

You can retrieve your printing from any printer across campus

  1. Swipe your ID card.
  2. Select 'Print release'.
  3. Choose the documents you wish to print and select 'Print' or 'Print all'.

Print and photocopy payment

Printing and photocopying uses a credit system which can be topped up:

  1. Visit the Managed Print Service. Here you will be able to see your balance.
  2. To top-up select 'Add Credit'
  3. Choose the amount your wish to top-up
  4. Select 'Add Value'
  5. Proceed to payment
Single-sided black and white page £0.05 £0.20
Double-sided black and white page £0.08 £0.30
Single-sided colour page £0.20 £0.80
Double-sided colour page £0.30 £1.20

Refund or reduce your printing balance

At the end of your course you can request your outstanding print balance to be credited to your bank account.

  1. Visit Here you will be able to see your balance.
  2. Select 'Refund of print credit to your debit / credit card'.
  3. Complete the web form

What do I do if I have a bad quality print?

You will need to retain your bad quality print and visit an IT Service Desk in one of the following locations:

  • Room E101, Drysdale building, 1st floor
  • Northampton Square Library, University building, 2nd floor
  • Bayes Learning Resource Centre, Bunhill Row, 1st floor.