Student conduct and disciplinary procedures

Student conduct

In the interests of the entire City community, we expect certain standards of individual behaviour. These are broadly set out in the 'We are City' student charter statement. City also has a duty to maintain the academic integrity of its awards and action will be taken where cheating or other unfair behaviour by students is identified.

In addition, all students are expected to abide by our Regulations and supporting policies governing student activities which are available in City’s Student Policies and Regulations.

Student Bullying and Harassment policy

Our Student Bullying and Harassment policy sets out some of the specific behaviours that are unacceptable in the City environment.

Student Sexual Misconduct policy

Our Student Sexual Misconduct policy sets out the mechanisms to raise concerns over sexual misconduct.

Codes of Conduct

Particular students will also need to follow relevant Codes of Conduct, for example:

The Learning Development Centre has provided the online resource StudyWell to help students avoid academic misconduct and understand, in particular, what constitutes plagiarism and how the tool TurnItIn can be used to prevent plagiarism.

Disciplinary Procedures

Allegations of misconduct or a breach of expected conduct, as defined in the University’s Regulations and/or Codes of Conduct, will be managed in accordance the principles outlined in the Student Disciplinary Policy and in accordance with Senate Regulation 13: Student Discipline.

You might find it helpful to refer to the flowchart or Frequently Asked Questions for an overview of the process.