City has published updated advice for its students and staff on the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Latest information for students and staff

Last updated: 27 Oct 2021 9:37am

Have you been affected by recent world events?

Here at City, we embrace our international diversity - with students and staff from more than 150 countries we are a truly global institute, where we celebrate different cultures and come together driven by a desire for learning, creativity and innovation. Yet as exciting as life in London can be, we recognise that being so far from friends and family can be difficult at times.

Finding your feet in a new culture and dealing with feelings of homesickness can be challenging. Sometimes events which happen far from London such as natural disasters, political unrest, or terrorism can accentuate that feeling of being far from home.

If you do need someone to talk to, there are many ways in which you can seek support.

Support services here to help you at City