Attendance and engagement - what you need to know

City, University of London guidance on student attendance and absence.

Attendance and engagement - what you need to know

City is committed to supporting you to succeed during your time with us and in your future aspirations. We want to help you to thrive by getting the most from your studies. City’s Student Charter sets an expectation that students take responsibility for their academic progress.

Unlike school or college, at university, you are ultimately responsible for your own learning experience. You create your university experience. This starts with taking an active part in both teaching and extra-curricular sessions, engaging with your peers, and pro-actively seeking help from staff if you feel lost, or things become difficult.

You will set yourself up for success by prioritising your academic work, attending regularly, engaging with study materials and actively participating in all available teaching and learning opportunities. There is lots of support available at City to help you, both academically and personally. You can find out more online via the Student Hub, at the Student Centre, or by speaking to your Personal Tutor or Programme Office.

How to use your card to register attendance

What else you need to know about attendance

Information about attending your classes

The Taught Student Attendance and Engagement Policy provides information on how we can support you with your attendance, as well as what we expect from you while you are a student at City. Please ensure you are familiar with the Policy and your responsibilities as a City student.

We have also put together Student Guidance to help you navigate the Taught Student Attendance Policy, as well as information about how individual programmes and the University overall will support you with your attendance. Please get to know what your attendance requirements are by reading your Programme Handbook, which will be provided by your School.

Your responsibilities as a City student

  • To attend all scheduled teaching and learning sessions in your timetable on campus and online, as well as non-timetabled activities such as scheduled personal and group tutorials. This includes lectures, tutorials, webinars, workshops and lab sessions, group activities and personal tutorials.
  • To be responsible for ensuring that you register your attendance at all sessions as they appear in your personalised timetable. You must use the recording system that is available to you as set out in your Programme Handbook

A successful study strategy goes beyond attendance and includes engagement with every element of your programme. Teaching and learning sessions provide opportunities to develop skills and knowledge necessary to help you successfully achieve your degree

Prioritising your attendance as a City student

You are responsible for your participation and engagement with the learning and teaching on your programme.

Engagement with your programme team is important. Contact information is provided in your Programme Handbook. They can advise on questions about your programme and help to direct you to appropriate support. The 1-1 Student Support Policy sets out where you can find more specialist support if you need it.

You should familiarise yourself with the resources available to you. The Study Guides are available and intended to support you in managing your time with us, which we recognise will be personal to you, as it depends on your preferences, personal circumstances and strengths.

You should proactively keep in touch with your Personal Tutor to let them know how you are progressing and ask for help if you are finding it difficult to attend or engage with your programme. More information about how your Personal Tutor can support you is provided in the Personal Tutoring Policy and 1-1 Student Support.

How City will support you to make the most of your programme of study

Our attendance and engagement recording systems are designed to ensure that we identify and offer support to students with low attendance and engagement at the earliest possible opportunity. Further information about these systems and what you need to do is included in your Programme Handbook.

Further information is available in the Taught Student Attendance and Engagement Policy.

If you are thinking of leaving your course

Although we feel leaving your course would be extremely unfortunate, we understand that some situations are beyond our control. If you are thinking of withdrawing from City, either permanently or temporarily, you should consult your Programme Office and/or Personal Tutor immediately. You should be aware that there could be financial implications if you leave your programme early.

If you do decide to withdraw from your course, you should inform your department of your withdrawal in writing. For sponsored students in receipt of funding, failure to do this may jeopardise your right to receive any future funding from your sponsoring authority.

Please consider the financial implications of a temporary or permanent withdrawal from your programme of study at City, University of London.

If you are thinking of changing course

If you are considering transferring to another course at City, you should discuss your plans with your Programme Office and/or Personal Tutor.

Applications to change course are at the discretion of the relevant head(s) of department, not guaranteed and are subject to places being available.