Account Expiry

Graduating Students

Users of City University’s Alumni accounts are required to update their account's password at least once every 12 months. It is recommended that users check their email once a month to catch notification messages about password expiry.

When the password is 11 months old notification emails are sent advising users to change their password. Multiple notifications are sent before the password expires.

Logging on to Office 365 via the web browser should prompt the user to change the password when it has expired but they can also change it by going to

If the password is not changed/reset within 3 months of the password expiring the account will be disabled. If the user doesn’t contact the IT Service desk whilst the account is disabled it will be deleted 3 months later. Users must contact the IT service desk to re-enable the account once it is disabled.

There is no account recovery following deletion. Once erased there is no data to retrieve.