Accounts and passwords

Your user account is used to log in to all City IT services and websites.

All staff and students of City, University of London need a user account to access Moodle, email, and City computers.

Setup your account

Make sure you have a valid City student registration number ready to complete this process.

  1. Visit Account Activation
  2. Provide your student number and date of birth
  3. Choose and confirm a password. Do not share your password with anyone.
  4. Select 'Activate Account'.

How do I find my registration number?

You can obtain your student registration number from correspondence inviting you to register.

I don't have access to everything I need.

Full system access will not be granted until arrangements for tuition fee payments has been confirmed.


A password is a form of secret authentication data that is used to control access to a resource. The password is kept secret from those not allowed access, and those wishing to gain access are tested on whether or not they know the password and are granted or denied access accordingly. You can find the policy here.

Setup Password Self-Service

In order to change or reset your password you must first setup a password self-service account.

This is a one-time process and registering for this service will allow you to reset your password or unlock your account if you have locked it from too many bad password attempts.

See our guidance for further information.

Change or reset your password

You will need to have setup your self-service account (see above) to be able to change or reset your password yourself.

  1. Visit password self-service
  2. Provide your username (e.g. abcd123)
  3. Complete the user verification information
  4. Select whether to keep or reset your password and unlock your account

What if I haven't setup my self-service account?

If you have not done this please call the IT Service Desk on 020 7040 8181 to reset your password.