Changing your password

To change your password yourself you will first need to register with the password self-service.

A password is a form of secret authentication data that is used to control access to a resource.

City, University of London has a password policy that sets out the expectation of all staff in order to keep your password secure.

Set up your self-service account

This is a one-time process and registering for this service will allow you to reset your password or unlock your account if you have locked it from too many incorrect password attempts.

Please note: when you register, ensure the information you provide cannot be seen by others.

When are first prompted, you will see a message asking for more information, select 'Next'. If you are unable to complete the sign-up process at this time select 'Skip setup', to postpone for up to two weeks.

To continue setting up your security information you can choose between the following options:

  1. Phone number
  2. Security questions

Phone Number

If you wish to provide a phone number as part of your security information choose the UK (+44) country code then enter your mobile number leaving out the leading 0.

  • A code will then be sent to your mobile. Enter this code and click ‘Next’
  • Click ‘Done’
  • You have now registered your information for password self-service.

Security Questions

If you do not wish to provide your mobile number as part of the security verification process click ‘I want to set up a different method’ link at the bottom left to use an alternative method.

  • Choose five different questions from the drop-down selection and enter your answers
  • Click ‘Save’
  • Click ‘Done’
  • You have now registered your information for password self-service.

Change or reset your password

You will need to have setup your self-service account (see above) to be able to change or reset your password yourself.

  1. Visit password self-service
  2. Provide your username (e.g. abcd123)
  3. Answer your security questions
  4. Select whether to keep or reset your password and unlock your account

What if I haven't setup my self-service account?

If you have not done this please call the IT Service Desk on 020 7040 8181 to reset your password.

What if I have forgotten my password but I never set up my security account?

In this case, please call the IT Service Desk on 020 7040 8181.