If you are eligible to be invited to a graduation ceremony you will receive an email from the Graduation Team about how to register and what to expect on the day of your ceremony.

Graduation ceremonies usually take place every January and July.

There are two streams of graduation ceremonies taking place this summer:

  • Ceremonies for those who complete their studies between January and 5th July 2022
  • Replacement ceremonies for those graduates who would have attended the July 2021 ceremonies should they have been able to go ahead

These ceremonies will take place on the following dates:

  • Monday 18th – Wednesday 20th July 2022 (recent graduates)
  • Thursday 21st July and Monday 1st August 2022 (replacement ceremonies)

See Future Ceremonies for specific details.

If eligible, you will receive an invite to one of these dates.

Please note: Graduation invites will be sent to both student’s personal and City email addresses (as recorded on e:Vision) towards the end of April 2022.

If you have not received an email by Friday 6th May, and believe you should have been invited to register for a ceremony, please contact our Graduation Team.

Please include your student number where possible when emailing us in order that we can find your record and ceremony details more quickly.

Terms and Conditions

Read the terms and conditions for participation in the graduation ceremony. Due to the formality of this event, there are a number of terms and conditions which we need attendees to read and agree to.

Photography, filming and souvenirs


City, University of London has arranged for Tempest Photography to take studio portraits, including family groups (up to a maximum of six people including the graduate) at your graduation ceremony.

They will be situated in the graduation venue on the day of your ceremony. There is no need to book or pay in advance.

For further details please visit the Tempest Photography website.

Please note, you are welcome to take your own photographs during the ceremony, but please do not leave your seat for this. Camera tripods are not allowed in the graduation hall.


City, University of London have arranged for the ceremonies to be filmed and livestreamed. Please see the Summer Graduation 2022 event page. Previous graduation ceremonies can also be viewed via this event page.

Please note: These pages will continue to be updated leading up to the event date.

You are welcome to record parts of the ceremony yourself with a handheld camera or mobile phone. Cameras with tripods will not be allowed in the graduation hall, and you should not leave your seat during the ceremony.

Ceremony souvenirs

Campus Clothing will be selling a range of personalised t-shirts and hoodies, printed with your name and those of your fellow classmates on the back. A perfect memento of your time at City! To order your merchandise, please visit the Campus Clothing website.

If you do not wish for your name to appear on City graduation merchandise, please email alumni@city.ac.uk. Please note that your name will be included in the Graduation Brochure which lists all graduates being conferred at that day’s ceremonies.

If you do not wish for your name to appear in the Graduation Brochure, please email graduation@city.ac.uk by no later than 13th June 2022.

What Covid safety measures are in place at Graduation?

We highly recommend taking a lateral flow test (if possible) before attending and wearing a face covering in crowded areas.  We also highly recommend staying at home if you test positive with COVID-19, if you feel unwell or if you are displaying symptoms.

Hygiene and Cleaning
Sanitising stations will be available throughout the venue. A deep venue clean will take place, where the auditorium will be sprayed with an antibacterial and antiviral disinfectant, and touch surfaces will be regularly cleaned and wiped down between each ceremony.

Every effort has been made to reduce touchpoints where possible. There will be no hand shaking on stage, instead students will be asked to doff caps.

No venues within the Barbican will be at maximum room capacity and attendees will be spread evenly within the auditorium over 3 levels.

All suppliers will be required to regularly clean their areas and provide a Covid secure risk assessment.

What is the Barbican doing to help reduce the risk of airborne transmission of Covid-19
in its venues?

The Barbican is a Covid-secure venue and we take the safety of our audiences, staff and partners seriously. While the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states the risk of ventilation and air conditioning systems spreading Coronavirus (Covid-19) is extremely low, and that organisations can continue to use most types of air conditioning and ventilation systems as normal, we’ve introduced a number of measures to ensure we reduce any risk of airborne transmission through our ventilation, heating and cooling systems. These include switching to pumping 100% fresh air into our building through our ventilation systems. This reduces the risk of airborne transmission and provides much more fresh air than our usual operation of these systems.

How do I let you know about access needs for myself or my guests?

During the booking process there is the opportunity for you to tell us of any special access needs that you or your guests may have. You can also email the Graduation Team at graduation@city.ac.uk with any access requests/queries. Please do this as far in advance of the ceremony as possible.

Is there disabled access to the venue?

Yes. The main entrance to the Barbican on Silk Street is ramped and lifts give access to all levels. If entering The Barbican Centre via the Silk Street entrance, the lifts are located directly ahead beside the Lakeside Terrace entrance, which is street level. There is further information about access on the Barbican's website.

Will there be screens in The Barbican where guests can watch the ceremony?

Yes, there are several screens in the foyer where guests without tickets can stand and watch the graduation. However, we urge where possible that guests who do not have tickets watch the livestream at home via the Summer Graduation 2022 event page.

Is there somewhere at the venue where I can store my luggage?

The cloakroom based next to the box office at the Barbican will be open to store belongings if required.

What is the closest station?

The closest stations are Barbican and Moorgate underground stations.

Will I receive my degree certificate at the ceremony?

18th to 20th July ceremonies – you will receive your certificate at the ceremony.

21st July and 1st  August ceremonies - all students who requested a degree certificate upon competing their studies should have already received their certificate. Degree certificates will not be handed out at these ceremonies.

However, if we identify any attendees who have never previously requested a certificate, then we may hand these out individually at the Barbican box office prior to the ceremony taking place.

Is it possible to purchase a recording of my ceremony?

We cannot confirm at this time whether a recording will be available for purchase, however you will be able to watch your ceremony back on the Summer Graduation 2022 event page.

If I am taking resits (in August), can I still attend graduation this summer?

No. In order to attend the summer graduation (in July 2022), you must have completed your course and been awarded by 5th July. If you are taking resits in August, you will no longer be eligible to attend the summer graduation. Instead, you will be invited to a future graduation ceremony (provided you have been successfully awarded).

The Graduation Team will contact any students who are no longer eligible to attend the summer graduation around the 6th July.

Is my seat allocated?

Yes, seats are allocated in the order that presenters read out names and graduands cross the stage on the day. It is very important that you sit in your allocated seat or there is risk that your name will be missed!

How long does the graduation ceremony last?

We anticipate the ceremonies to last approximately 90 minutes.

Will the ceremonies be streamed on the internet?

Yes, the ceremonies can be viewed during the ceremony on the Summer Graduation 2022 event page.

What happens after the ceremony?

There are refreshments available in the foyer once the ceremony has taken place.

What do I need to bring on the day to register?

In the week leading up to the ceremony you will receive, via email, an official confirmation of your booking. You should ensure that you bring this with you on the day, either electronically on your phone or a printed hard copy. Upon seeing this confirmation, we will issue your student and guest tickets.

Is there a dress code for the graduation?

As graduation is a formal occasion, an appropriate standard of dress is expected. For men and women, business wear or formal dress is classed as appropriate. National dress of your home country is also acceptable. Please note that casual clothes such as jeans, shorts or tee-shirts are not suitable and should be avoided.

I didn’t hire a gown, can I do this on the day?

Yes, however it is slightly more expensive on the day. We strongly advise that you hire the gown ahead of the ceremony.

I hired a gown but I am no longer able to attend, can I receive a refund for the gown hire?

Up until 9th July 2022 at 11:59pm:

Simply log back into your Ede & Ravenscroft account and request a refund.

After 9th July 2022 at 11:59pm:

As gowns are issued by Ede & Ravenscroft, please contact their customer service centre via their contact form or on +44 (0)1223 861854 / +44 (0)1223 734759. Gown refunds are available up to 7 days before your ceremony.

I booked tickets but can no longer attend. How can I get a refund?

Up until 9th July 2022 at 11:59pm:

Simply log back into your Ede & Ravenscroft account and request a refund.

After 9th July 2022 at 11:59pm:

Please contact graduation@city.ac.uk before your ceremony. Please note that refunds cannot be given if you contact us after the ceremonies have taken place and will not be issued for tickets that are either not collected from the Barbican box office or are not scanned on entry (if e-tickets are being used).

Refunds will be processed after all ceremonies have ended (approx. mid-August).

How many guests can I bring?

All graduands have the option to purchase up to two guest tickets.

Will extra guest tickets become available?

If there are sufficient guest seats left available after the end of the booking period, then there is a possibility that additional seats may be made available for a limited time via the Ede and Ravenscroft booking portal.

If this is the case, we will contact any graduands that have expressed an interest in additional tickets (when they made their original booking) around 10 days before the ceremony. Graduands will be limited to a single, additional ticket and the portal will only remain open for approximately 24 hours.

If there are any further unsold tickets after this process is complete, then these will be available to purchase from the Barbican box office on the day of your ceremony on a first-come, first-served basis. Tickets will be £25 each.

I do not need any guest tickets. Can my friend buy them in addition to their own?

No. Guest tickets can only be purchased by the graduand up to the maximum allocation at that time. This ensures fairness in the availability of guest tickets for all participants.

Are children allowed to attend the ceremonies?

Yes, absolutely! However, you will need to purchase a guest ticket if the child needs their own seat. Babies (in arms) and toddlers (who are able to sit on a lap) do not need a ticket.

Are guest seats allocated?

Guest seating is allocated to a particular area, but seats within that area are not reserved.

Where should I meet my guests at the Barbican?

We suggest that you arrange to meet your guests at the Silk Street entrance to the Barbican Centre. Please refer to the Barbican Centre website for further visitor information.

The mobile signal at the Barbican is very limited, so we would not advise relying on your mobile when arranging to meet people. There is free (Barbican) Wi-Fi available, however.

My guests need to apply for visitors’ visas to attend my graduation. Can City help?

Yes. The International Student Support staff in the Student Centre are on hand to give you advice if you need to apply for a visa to attend graduation or if your family members need to apply for visas to visit London as your guests at the ceremony. Please visit the International Student Support pages for full details.

Please note that you do not need an official invitation letter from City, University of London to make your visa application, and so we do not provide these. Your invite email should be accepted as evidence of invitation to the event.

Am I still a graduate if I do not attend the graduation?

Yes, if you are unable to attend the ceremony you will graduate in absentia.

I am not able to attend the ceremony, can I attend a future ceremony?

If you do not attend the graduation that you have been invited to, or do not reply to the invitation, you will not automatically be deferred and re-invited to a later set of ceremonies.

However, we understand that some of you still may not be able to travel due to restrictions that could still be in place in July/August 2022. If this is the case, it may be possible to request a deferral if you are faced with exceptional circumstances. Requests for deferral must be submitted via the form linked to in your graduation invitation email, and will be considered on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Graduation Manager.

Who is my awarding body?

City, University of London is the awarding body.

What can I do if I have debts to City?

If you have debts relating to the payment of your tuition fees, our finance team will be in touch with you. You will not be able to graduate until all debts are cleared.