Advice and treatment from the Nurse Advisor

Student Health Service

The Student Health Service here at City is run by a Nurse Practitioner, Christina Barnes, and it is open to all City students. We provide booked appointments for advice with minor illness and injury, general health information, contraception advice - including free condoms and emergency contraception.

Appointments and Drop-in Sessions

In light of Covid-19, we currently do not have a drop-in clinic until further notice

The Nurse Advisor may also be able to prescribe medications for some medical conditions, this is available to Students that are registered with Clerkenwell Medical Practice only.

The Student Health Service is located in Drysdale Building Level 1, Northampton Square, as part of the Student Centre.

Students are able to book an appointment to see the Nurse Advisor Monday to Friday between 9:30-11:30am and 1-3:30pm.

  • Book an appointment online
  • Email for an appointment

Opening Times

Services available

General health advice

The Nurse Advisor can provide information on a wide range of health problems including:

If you have been prescribed injections by your GP, such as B12 injections, you can email the to see if the Nurse Advisor is able to do this.

The Nurse Advisor can also advise you if you need to see a GP. Please make sure you register with a GP.


Meningitis and MMR

If you are 24 years old or younger and starting university for the first time it is strongly recommended that you have the Men ACWY vaccine. Meningitis is a serious infection which can kill.

Mumps has also become a problem in some UK universities. We are recommending that all students who have not had two doses of the MMR vaccine visit the Health Centre or their GP as soon as possible to have the vaccine. There is no upper age limit for having the vaccine. There will be no charge for being immunised.

You can get both vaccines at the Student Health Centre or from your GP free of charge.

To receive the Meningitis ACWY vaccination from the Nurse Advisor in the Student Health Service you will need to be a first-year undergraduate who is registered with Clerkenwell Medical Practice.

If you are not a Student registered with Clerkenwell Medical Practice, you can receive the vaccination from your GP or you can contact us for further advice about your options if you do not have a GP.


The Anaphylaxis Campaign have identified that 16-24 year olds are a high risk group when it comes to managing their allergies, and this includes university students.

Download their booklet Preparing for and Managing your Allergies at University – A Guide for University Students

Their top tips for starting university:

  • Remember to carry two adrenaline auto-injectors with you at all times
  • Let the people you are with know where to find your adrenaline and how to use it
  • Register with your local GP or university health centre after moving in
  • Check regularly, through the viewing window on your adrenaline auto-injectors, that the solution is clear and colourless
  • Sign up for the expiry alert service for your brand of auto-injector.

Sexual health

Contraception advice

This service is available to both men and women for confidential advice on all methods of contraception. Free condoms are available for all students during drop-in sessions or from reception.

The Nurse Advisor may be able to prescribe the contraceptive pill if you are registered with Clerkenwell Medical Practice.

More info – All East Sexual Health

Emergency contraception

The ‘morning after pill’ can be issued by the Nurse Advisor and is effective if taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex. You can get this free at your GP or family planning clinic.

A coil (IUCD) can be fitted up to five days after unprotected sex but this requires referral to a family planning clinic.

Pregnancy tests

The Nurse Advisor is able to perform pregnancy tests and advise on unplanned pregnancy.

More information via NHS

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) self-test kits

Concerned about HIV, Chlamydia or other STIs? The Student Health Service is no longer giving out STI self-test kits. However, you can order a free STI test at home kit or book an appointment at a clinic through the All East NHS service.

Stop smoking

The Nurse Advisor is able to advise you with:

  • Hints and tips on how to kick the habit
  • Information about the health benefits of stopping
  • Help with setting a quit date
  • Information about the wide range of nicotine-replacement therapy and other methods available
  • Follow up assistance to help you "stay stopped".

NHS Smoking Helpline - 0800 169 0169.

Travel health

We offer advice on all aspects of health and disease while abroad. You can check which vaccinations you need for your specific travel destination online.


Students with a disability or significant medical problem are encouraged to see the Nurse Advisor at the Health Centre to discuss any special needs or emergency procedures irrespective of whether they have a General Practitioner (GP) elsewhere.

The Disability Coordinators within City's Disability Service is able to offer advice and guidance on all aspects of disability. It is important that you register with the service if you have been diagnosed with a long term health condition.

Student Counselling & Mental Health Team

Also located in Level 1 of Drysdale Building, this is a free, confidential service for students who want to talk to a counselling professional.

Find out more about the Counselling Service and Mental Health Support.

Wellbeing: Self-help resources can also be found in our library guides.