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Last updated: 07 Apr 2021 4:34pm

Programme legacy

Discontinued courses

City continuously reviews and develops the programmes that it offers to ensure that they remain relevant and up to date. Provision is also dependent on School and Institution strategy and plans, staff, and resources. Over time, and for a variety of reasons, some programmes close.

This page provides information about closed programmes.

In some instances, these programmes have no more students on them and are, therefore, no longer running. In other instances, programmes are not accepting new cohorts but still have students on existing cohorts; these programmes may still have a programme webpage as well as being listed here. The spreadsheet below is divided to make this clear.

Where possible, start and end dates have been provided. Programme Specifications for those programmes with cohorts starting in September 2012 and later can be found here.

It is possible that, even if a programme has closed, there may be a different programme offering in the same disciplinary area. City's current programmes can be found here.

Queries should be directed to the School in the first instance:

Download the Programme Legacy information (published August 2014)

Please note, the spreadsheet has two tabs: one showing programmes closed before 2008/9 and one showing programmes closed from 2008/9 onwards.